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About Us

Underwater freedivers in rashguards
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snorkelers in blue water

Born from our mutual love of the underwater world and obseassion with cute & sustainable swim coupled with our puny humor and non-stop swapping of ocean facts.

Our Story

Founded in 2023, two friends with an addiction to buying swimwear and exploring the underwater world, had a dream of their own line of sustainable swimwear with all of the favorite marine critters. Macallan Durkin, a conservation biologist and wildlife illustrator, met Anabella Madrid, a sustainability major with a minor in biology, on St Croix, USVI and from then on, bonded over their love for the marine world and dedication to environmental conservation with a passion for ocean education. You can find these two mermaids free-diving, scuba diving, drawing and searching for cool treasures down the beach (Take photos, not shells). 

Our Philosophy

We strive to make a positive impact on this earth during our short time here. As a small business with lots of room for progress and growth, we aim to offer sustainable choices for your clothing needs. We strive for our products to be as sustainble as possible. We vow to always be searching for the best options for our clients and continue to learn and grow only in eco-friendly ways. For items that are not produced with sustainable materials, we continue to explore more eco-conscious options. We believe every single person can make a difference in contributing to global environmental sustainability. Let’s all take steps to protect Mother Earth!

Our goal is to create sustainable swimwear that features some favorite ocean critters as beautiful artwork. Aiming towards the most eco-friendly options for a small, women-owned business. Please swim with us on our journey to spread the word of ocean conservation with our cute, comfy, and unique clothing. 

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